What better way to promote our beloved Bohol than encapsulating it in the highly popular and ubiquitous cellphone?

Packed with everything Bohol—new restaurants, hotels, fiestas and festivals, historical and cultural facts and tidbits, it also highlights the distinct tourist attractions of each of the 47 municipalities. It’s the ideal souvenir item for the TBTK and Sandugo celebration.



Known as the "Official phone of Bohol",  the first-of-its-kind in the country is a collaborative effort of two first-movers--Save 'N Earn Wireless, the first cellphone shop in Bohol and Myphone, the first Pinoy phone brand. Together with the Provincial Government of Bohol and the Department of Tourism, the project began in 2012 and since then, every Sandugo, a newer, updated version is released--packed with more and updated content, and newer features.


A phone you can be proud of as distinctly Boholano, not available in any other province or country, the Bohol Phone is the best way to share to your friends and loved ones info about your beloved Bohol. For those living abroad, it’s the best way to share with your kids to reconnect to their roots in a fun, modern and exciting way. It’s an ideal gift or pasalubong to fellow Boholanos and family members living abroad.

The Bohol phone comes in a Rio Craze 2 version with Dual Sim, Dual-core and a 4” display at an affordable price of P1,999 and exclusively available at Save ‘N Earn Wireless outlets province-wide.

This customized gem is an example of one of today’s modern tools to connect people and maintain friendships all over the world in the spirit of the “first treaty of friendship” which happened in our shores—the Bohol Sandugo which we continue to celebrate and immortalize thru the Sandugo and TBTK.

It’s definitely MORE FUN in BOHOL!

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