TCL Plex 6GB RAM 128GB ROM FREE Eco-802 Portable Speaker

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Next-level visual technology. Discover a next-level display and AI triple camera with TCL's NXTVISION visual technology.

NXTVISION display. Display greatness with TCL PLEX. See visuals come to life on a display with an independent display engine and advanced optimization technology developed by TCL to provide you an upgraded media experience.

Make your screen come to life with NXTVISION. Your visuals are optimized in real time so colors pop. Clarity is sharper. Contrasts are striking. Videos are bolder.
6.53-inch FHD+ Dotch display (90% screen-to-body ratio)
Dedicated display engine (Advanced processor)
Color (6-axis color enhancement)
Clarity (2D edge enhancement)
Contrast (Targeted contrast enhancement)

View true. Experience visuals so true to life your eyes can't tell the difference with TCL's cutting-edge color accuracy.

Enhance your world. Elevate your viewing experience with vivid color, clarity and contrast enhancement.

Colors are intensified for radiant images. Edges are honed for a sharper picture. Visuals are brightened without being over-exposed for clearer targeted contrast.

Your video remastered. Evolve your video quality automatically with amplified color,contrast and details in real time for bolder HDR viewing.

See comfortably. View easier using Adaptive Tone that adjusts color and brightness automatically to your environment.

From Notch to Dotch. Enjoy more screen and less filler with the Dotch design, a discreet front camera that blends into the display for a 90% screen-to-body ratio.

NXTVISION camera. Capture the greatness of every moment with TCL PLEX's triple camera. Create exceptional images with its sophisticated AI features. Make every moment extraordinary with TCL PLEX's triple camera. A 48MP AI camera, low-light camera and super wide-angle camera unite to help you capture life's greatness.

AI algorithms for anti-blur, anti-shake, anti-fog, burst shot, ultra clarity and low-light photography secure you superior shots.

Light up the darkness. Great moments can happen anywhere at any time. Capture them even in the dark with TCL PLEX's advanced low-light photo and video technology. Take brighter night shots with AI, striking night videos with larger pixels and 960FPS slow-motion.

Explore the night. Witness the night like never before with low-light video.Film clearer details with pixels twice the size.

Slooooooooooooow it down. Relive every second 32 times slower with HD super slow-mo that's vibrant night or day at 960 frames per second.
Brighten your world

Shoot brilliant images in the dark whether inside or out. Take photos three times brighter in the darkest environments with auto low light. Get greater definition, clarity and color in the dark using Super Night mode.

Capture more detail. Appreciate every aspect with 48MP super high resolution. Stay in the action. Keep your subject sharp and your 4K video shake-free with live auto zoom and auto tracking.

Dimensional design. Create an impact with TCL PLEX's 3D holographic finishing in Opal White and Obsidian Black with dual-sided glossy glass.

Compact design. Immerse yourself more deeply in detail housed in a slim form with TCL PLEX's 90% screen-to-body ratio.* A dual-sided curved glossy glass body provides a sleek look that fits smoothly in your hand.

Multidimensional Shine. Create an impact from every angle with TCL PLEX's 3D holographic finishing. Explore a new dimension of color with its luminescent Opal White and Obsidian Black finishes created using innovative nano-laser etching technology and nano-vacuum coating for a futuristic shine that's ahead of the curve.

Perfect symmetry. All of the details on TCL PLEX ‘s back are aligned perfectly to create clean horizontal lines for a polished profile.

Form and function meet in TCL UI. Clean and visually engaging, its interface makes it easy to navigate, customize settings, organize apps, manage photos and more.

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