1 . Open savenearn.com.ph

2. At the right side of the page, Click on REGISTER.



3. Fill out the Affiliate Account Form with your name, your username,

     email address. (Note: Email address should be an active account)


4. Fill out Payment Email by putting in your Paypal Account Email.

     (Commission will credited to your Paypal Account)

5. Fill out Website URL. If you have an existing site, you may use that.

     If not, you can use your Facebook Profile URL.

6. Tell us how you plan to promote our page or product.

7. Input your password and confirm.

8. Click on REGISTER button.

9. Your account will be pending approval until it is approved by our Admin.

     Approved is maximum of 24 hours.


10. Once approved by admin, your customer affiliate profile will look like this:

affiliate home

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