Samsung R323 “Gear VR” (Black)


  • Viewing Optics: 101° FOV
  • Weight: 345 g
  • Sensor: Accelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor
  • Dimension (HxWxD): 98.6 x 207.8 x 122.5 mm
  • Strap holder: Anchored securely to handle epic moves
  • Weight: 345 g for extended sessions(312 g without front cover)
  • Foam cushioning: Soft with the right amount of comfort



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Product Description

The Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality head-mounted display mount developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus VR, and manufactured by Samsung.

The Samsung Gear VR SM-323 is compatible with: Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy Note FE.

Complete focus. With the Gear VR  you get a bigger field of view, smoother images. Incredibly low light leakage and reflection prevention. It’s game on.

Convenient control. With a tap or a swipe. The larger and now completely flat touchpad exists for precision and control. The new Home Key takes you straight back to Oculus Home.

The Galaxy connection. Gear VR works seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones. Compatible with both USB Type-C and Micro USB, you just need to snap on the connector module for your phone, and you’re done.

Oculus Home. This is where your VR journey begins. Browse through games and experiences or explore what’s new on the Oculus Store. Meet up with friends and discover a world of possibilities—all from your virtual home.

Experiences. Gear VR , powered by Oculus, lets you travel across the galaxy, build expansive cities, battle unbelievable monsters, and more. Immerse yourself in entertainment like never before—the ever-expanding collection of amazing Gear VR (2016) experiences awaits.

STAR CHART. Explore the solar system in this beautiful and accurate real-time simulation. From the Sun to the darkest reaches of Pluto, feel the awe of floating in space around worlds no human has yet set foot on.

The stage is set. For turning dreams into plans, thoughts into action and bringing ideas to life. For experiences that change everything. Anything is possible with these Galaxy and Gear devices.


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