Hey Guys! We're giving away a Brand New VR Headset and more prizes to those who can share with us their selfies!

How to Join:

1. Drop by our VR Experience Week at SNE Wireless ICM Branch, Try out any of the Virtual Reality Headsets and share with us your selfie video or photo
2. Write a short caption about your experience
3. Post on your wall with the hashtag #SNEgoesVR #SNEat23 #Savenearnwireless. Make sure you set the Post Settings to Public so we can see your entries.

Get creative or funny and Share with your friends. We give credits to those who can:
40% - We love people going creative with their photos and videos. Best facial expression or the funny ones always get our attention!
30% - We wanna hear about your experience! If you have a story of how you braved through 2 minutes of Conjuring 2 or loved the dizzying thrill of a virtual roller coaster ride, we definitely want to hear about it.
30% - If your friends liked, loved, LOL'ed or shared your post like we did, that's a hefty cherry on top for us.

1st Prize - Your very own Scion VR Goggles!
2nd and 3rd Prize - Lenovo Backpack + Water-resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Contest runs until November 15, 2016.

#SNEgoesVR #SNEat23 #LenovoVRSeries #SamsungGearVR #OculusVR #ScionVR

Join and grab these amazing prizes!

1ST PRIZE - Scion VR Goggle

2ND PRIZE - Lenovo Premium Backpack w/ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

3RD PRIZE - Lenovo Premium Backpack w/ Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Visit Save 'N Earn Island City Mall Branch Now!

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