OPPO is certainly not new in the Chinese smartphone Market, always managing in associating its name with quality and sophistication. The Chinese company delights us with a great mid-range Smartphone, the OPPO F3!

By the way, there’s still this misconception about Chinese products that they always get associated to bad quality. That’s why here in the Philippines they will never tell you that this is actually a Chinese company. You will often hear from the sales ladies something like: “European Technology” or I even heard (and this is true) “That’s a German brand, Sir”.

First of all, there are now plenty of Chinese companies manufacturing quality products and OPPO is certainly one of them. Second, just because something comes from Europe, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be good quality. Take me, for instance, I’m a Filipino made in Europe, but still I come with plenty of built-in defects.

We have a very competitive market when it comes to Smartphones. Low quality devices  don’t usually survive in stores. Gadgets need to be innovative and deliver what this constantly changing and more demanding market needs.

OPPO seems well aware of this and after looking into what Filipinos want from their gadgets, they came out with the new F3 and F3 PLUS.

The design will surely remind you of a very popular cellphone right away! Definitely, the inspiration has been taken somewhere, but it is a device that in under many aspects is still able to surprise you. 

The Camera? Foodie-approved!

It has a 5.5-inch full HD display (a 6-inch for the PLUS version) which offers you crisp images and a great color reproduction.

So for a foodie like me, that has to snap everything in the plate in front of me before I eat, expect some great food photography. 

Dual front-facing cameras for “Selfie Experts”

Moving on to what I liked most about this phone: the dual front-facing cameras.

The smartphone uses two front cameras, a combination of  a 16-megapixel camera for selfies and an 8-megapixel sensor with 120-degree wide-angle view for group selfies.

No wonder they recommended this gadget to selfie lovers.

The dual camera lens (120-degrees wide-angle mode) creates a fish-eye lens effect so you could fit all your buddies in the groufie without the help of a selfie-stick.

Value-Friendly Smartphone

The Oppo F3 is currently priced at P15,990 and the Oppo F3 Plus at P23,990. It’s not cheap, but my impression and take on it is: it’s a phone with great value, offering design, quality pictures and other similar specs at only half the price compared to its direct competitors.

Saver's Tip: P23,990 or P15,990 for this phone might be too expensive in one go so I’d suggest availing of SNE’s Gadget Loans at Save ’N Earn Wireless Stores (click here for more details) to get this phone at 9 months 0% Interest—F3 Plus at P2,666/month and the F3 at P1,777/month.
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